We are so excited to share with you all the process of how our bowls are made. After over 4 years in business, and so many of you amazing Alpaca Bowl owners out there, we want you to see what goes into that clay bowl you've been enjoying.



   We specialize in all American hand-made clay bowls with 100% food safe glazes. Our clay mix we use has been tediously tested to come up with the perfect reduction and release of heat, to properly bake your bowl.

   We are the original producers of the Rook, Predator, Symphony, Apache, Square, and EGY Bowls, and now some new "lipped bowls" to fit the Kaloud Lotus and other Heat Management devices. 

   Here at Alpaca Bowl Company, We listen closely to the requests and future needs of this amazing hookah community, and design accordingly. We are constantly revisiting our craft, pushing ourselves to always produce a better product.


"We don’t just settle for good, we want to lead the industry. We invite you to grow with us" - Alpaca Genius


Welcome to Alpaca bowls.